Answers to frequently asked questions.

The Basics

Who is Dark Horse Pros for?

Dark Horse Pros is a crowdfunding company dedicated to the needs of athletes in action and extreme sports.

Which sports are included?

Adventure racing, auto racing, endurance sports, equestrian, karting, kiteboarding, MMA, motor sports, mountain biking, rock climbing, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, triathlon, wakeboarding, windsurfing … well, you get the point.

What are the requirements to run a campaign?

  • be 18 years of age or older; or under 18 years of age with parent/guardian collaboration
  • be a legal U.S. resident with a Social Security Number* (or EIN*)
  • have a U.S. address*, U.S. bank account*, and U.S. state-issued ID* (driver's license)
  • have a major credit or debit card
  • meet Campaign Guidelines

*required by the financial institution for transfer of funds

What is crowdfunding?


Crowd = Your Facebook friends, Twitter and Instagram followers, and YouTube subscribers—we call them True Fans

Funding = Contributions from your True Fans during an online campaign

By running a crowdfunding campaign, you receive the funds you need and your True Fans receive rewards for their contributions. That's crowdfunding.

What are rewards?

Rewards are items or experiences specified by and provided by you at the close of your successful campaign. They can be anything from a thank-you, a sticker, or a t-shirt, to VIP box tickets or a ride-along. Contributors can choose their rewards based on their contribution level.

Check out our list of prohibited items.

Do I get all the money raised?

Dark Horse Pros is an “all-or-nothing” crowdfunding platform. If your campaign reaches its financial goal, you get the money contributed minus fees (5% DHP fee + approximately 3% credit card processing fee). If your campaign does not reach its financial goal, your contributors are not charged.

Why should I crowdfund instead of asking directly for money?

Running a crowdfunding campaign takes effort. No doubt about it. But crowdfunding offers you branding and credibility. It offers you a way to reach out to your fans and show them that you are serious about your sport and you are serious about being successful.

What is branding and why is it important?

You are a brand. Everything you do, and don't do, defines your brand. Your fans need to believe that your brand—You—are valuable. Your brand will make you stand out and be remembered.

According to Wikipedia, a brand is “the name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's product [YOU] distinct from those of other sellers [your competitors].”

Branding takes visibility and credibility—being believable or trustworthy. People don't want to support someone they don't trust or value. And they often feel more comfortable supporting a person or cause that is part of something greater.

Crowdfunding online puts you in front of your fans. By creating a campaign that has realistic goals, honesty, and continual communication, you can inspire trust and build your brand. Your fans will want to talk about you. You'll have a track record and your visibility will continue to multiply.

Anyone can be an athlete. Anyone can run a crowdfunding campaign. But an athlete with credibility and a valuable brand will undoubtedly gain support from their fans.

How do I crowdfund?

Let's lay it out:

1. Get ready — Preparing now will help you be successful later. Before you create your campaign, you can define your need, choose your rewards, craft your story, create a video, determine your campaign amount, create a team, and build a following.

2. Create your campaign — We'll guide you through the process to create a campaign that will help you accomplish your immediate career goal by raising the financial means you need to do it.

3. During your campaign — Get the word out so as many people as possible know about your campaign. Monitor your campaign to track your progress, acknowledge your contributors, and communicate any updates or changes to your campaign (like adding new rewards).

4. Complete your campaign — Cross the finish line in style! Once your campaign is completed and fully funded, be sure to follow through. Send thank-you's and applicable rewards in a timely manner. Remember, your reputation is on the line. And now that you are funded, pursue that goal you set to begin with. You worked hard to get here, so enjoy it!

For more details about the campaign process, check out How It Works: The Details.

When can I start my campaign?

You can create a campaign for free at any time. Once your campaign is created, submit it for approval. The DHP Staff will get back to you within 2-3 days to let you know your campaign is approved and ready to go live.

What are the Campaign Guidelines?

A crowdfunding campaign with Dark Horse Pros must be run by an athlete and:

  • related to an action or extreme sport
  • limited to the current or upcoming season of your chosen sport
  • not be related to anything illegal or include any prohibited items
  • not give the funds to a charitable or non-profit organization

Where do I start?

If you are ready to start a campaign, click below!

Note: You may need to first create an account or log in.